Thursday, December 1, 2011

Installing funkload on Mac

Funkload is  a useful tool for understanding the characteristics of the application server under stress and load conditions.

Installation of Funkload is very straightforward using virtualenv and macports on Mac.
If you aren't using it already, you should think of checking it out.

Create a isolated environment for installing Funkload.

virtualenv --no-site-packages loadtest
source loadtest/bin/activate
pip install yolk

Yolk is a good package that provides information on all the packages available in an environment.

Installing Funkload is very easy with pip.

pip install funkload

If your Mac does not have gnuplot, you should think of installing it. It is useful for the graphical reports that Funkload creates.

Macports is a great way to manage such packages on Mac. There are other ways too.
If you already have macports installed, then you can just do the following to install gnuplot.

sudo port install gnuplot

Test your installation by doing the following

cd funkload-demo/xmlrpc/
make test
make bench

Check for any errors in execution. The report should be created at

You are ready to use funkload!!


  1. Thank you. But it isn't not work for me.

    My case is:

    virtualenv --no-site-packages loadtest
    source loadtest/bin/activate
    pip install ez_setup
    pip install distribute
    pip install tcpwatch
    easy_install funkload


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