Monday, May 14, 2012

Hadoop pseudo-cluster installation

Install Java and cloudera yum repo
yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64
curl -O
mv cloudera-cdh3.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

Ensure that you have hostname and localhost entries in /etc/hosts
comment out ipv6 entry

Create hadoop user and group manually
Create "hdfs" and "mapred" user with group "hadoop"
groupadd hadoop
useradd -G hadoop hdfs
useradd -G hadoop mapred
passwd hdfs 
passwd mapred 

Install hadoop packages
yum install hadoop-0.20
yum install hadoop-0.20-conf-pseudo

Create directories for hdfs files and mapred temporary files as root
mkdir -p /data/hadoop
chown -R hdfs:hadoop /data/hadoop

as hdfs
chmod -R 755 /data/hadoop
mkdir -p /data/hadoop/cache
chmod 777 /data/hadoop/cache
chmod +t /data/hadoop/cache

mkdir -p /data/hadoop/tmp
chown hdfs:hadoop /data/hadoop/tmp
chmod 777 /data/hadoop/tmp

mkdir -p /data/hadoop/nn
chown hdfs:hadoop /data/hadoop/nn

mkdir -p /data/hadoop/dn
chown hdfs:hadoop /data/hadoop/dn

mkdir -p /data/hadoop/snn
chown hdfs:hadoop /data/hadoop/snn

As mapred:
mkdir /data/hadoop/cache/mapred-tmp
chown mapred:hadoop /data/hadoop/cache/mapred-tmp

mkdir /data/hadoop/cache/mapred-local
chown mapred:hadoop /data/hadoop/cache/mapred-local

mkdir -p /data/hadoop/mapred-system
chmod 777 /data/hadoop/mapred-system
chown -R mapred:hadoop /data/hadoop/mapred-system

Move and store default configuration to another directory as root.
mkdir -p /etc/hadoop/conf.pseudo.copy
cp /etc/hadoop/conf.pseudo/* /etc/hadoop/conf.pseudo.copy/
cd /etc/hadoop/conf.pseudo/

Edit various configuration files with entries for the directories made above



You may have to set the JAVA_HOME sometimes. Mostly the scripts should be able to figure that out.
vi /etc/profile and vi /usr/bin/hadoop
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64

You can also add it to : /usr/lib/hadoop-0.20/bin/ if "sudo service hadoop-0.20-namenode start" cribs about java_home

Format Hadoop file system with command:
sudo -u hdfs hadoop namenode -format

Now you can start services with the following commands:
/etc/init.d/hadoop-0.20-namenode start 
/etc/init.d/hadoop-0.20-secondarynamenode start
/etc/init.d/hadoop-0.20-datanode star
/etc/init.d/hadoop-0.20-jobtracker start
/etc/init.d/hadoop-0.20-tasktracker start

or you can configure services to startup during boot time:
sudo chkconfig hadoop-0.20-namenode on
sudo chkconfig hadoop-0.20-jobtracker on
sudo chkconfig hadoop-0.20-secondarynamenode on
sudo chkconfig hadoop-0.20-tasktracker on
sudo chkconfig hadoop-0.20-datanode on

Thats it and try testing your installation with a few simple hadoop commands.


  1. Hi,

    For apache hadoop-2.0.0-alpha installation on two linux machines, what should be values of fs.defaultFS and and properties on both name nodes????

    one machine hostname is rsi-nod-nsn1 and another one is rsi-nod-nsn2...

    i want to make both as federated namenodes.. and both should be used as datanodes too..

    i want to configure both federation anf YARN.

    what should be configuration changes for the same? i am not finding masters, mapred-site.xml, and files in hadoopHome/etc/hadoop folder... how do i make changes for these files?


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