Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creating base box from scratch for Vagrant

At vagrantbox.es, you can find boxes for many flavours like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian etc.

How ever, you might require a flavour of OS that is not available packaged for you already.
In such a case, you might want to package it for use with Vagrant.
I needed Oracle Enterprise Linux Box.

Following is a step by step approach to create a base box for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 64 bit version.

Creating a VM on VirtualBox

Step 1: Get the ISO file from which we will install the Oracle Enterprise Linux.

Step 2: Create your virtual machine on VirtualBox.

  Create a new Virtual Machine 
      Type: VMDK
      Name : oel57
      Base memory size: 512 MB, Memory Space Maximum 40 GB
      Enable Host I/O cache

Monday, November 28, 2011

Using Vagrant

Vagrant is a great tool for creating vm at whim and tearing it down so that you could start all over again. It helps to start from a clean state, when you are trying to test deployment and setups. Vagrant requires VirtualBox and is written in Ruby.

Following is a step by step take down on how to setup and use vagrant on Mac